Therapist Profiles

Anthony Ingram

B.App.Sci (Physio.), B.App.Sci (Sp. Sci.), APAM

In 1994, Anthony graduated with a degree in Sport Science from the University of Canberra. After working as a Strength & Conditioning Coach, Anthony returned to studies, graduating from the University of Sydney in Physiotherapy in 2001.

Anthony has always enjoyed working with athletes, and has worked with national level teams in both Rugby League and Union, Soccer, AFL, Basketball and Baseball. He has a special interest in lower limb injuries, utilizing dry-needling, Kinesio-Taping and Functional Movement Screening (FMS) techniques in his treatments.

Matt Brady

B. App.Sci (Physio).

Matt joined GrandStand in 2015 after spending five years as a professional Triathlete.

Matt’s experience as an elite athlete has provided him with a unique opportunity to understand athletic injuries from both perspectives and he has worked with some of the world’s best coaches, doctors and physiotherapists.

Matt is our go-to therapist with endurance athlete injuries, but is equally good with team sport injuries, having represented in touch football, rugby league and surf life saving.

Q & A

A Quick Chat
with Cassie & Anthony

Where did GrandStand Sports Injury Clinic come from?

Anthony: We developed the idea from our desire to continue to work with athletes, as their drive and efforts inspire us.

Cassie: I think we saw the need, in Newcastle, for athletes to be treated as athletes, not just active patients.

Tell us about your experiences with athletes.

Anthony: I’ve been fortunate enough to work in a lot of elite sports, including the NRL, the A-League, the NBL and with NSW Country Rugby.

Cassie: I’ve only been in Australia a short time, but I have worked in the NRL and NYC Rugby League competitions. At home in England, I worked with QPR in the Premier League.

What can people expect at GrandStand?

Anthony: I don’t think people should have too many expectations! I say this because I don’t think they will have experienced anything quite like our approach.

Cassie: Athletes should expect to talk to people who understand sport, and who are genuinely committed to getting athletes back to competition with as little disruption as possible.

What are your influences in your approaches?

Anthony: I’m really interested, at the moment, in the role of Fascia in injuries and functional movement. I have spent time reading the works, and talking to Dr Robert Schleip from Uhm University in Germany about his ideas of Fascial Fitness.

Cassie: Coming from an exercise and Pilates background, I’m really keen to explore the role of functional movement in both rehabilitation and injury prevention.The more I see, the more I’m convinced that quality of movement is more important than gross measures such as strength or muscle length.

Where to now for Grandstand?

Anthony: I’d really like to see GrandStand develop within the athletic community in the Hunter, and become a place where athletes from different sports are able to share ideas, training approaches etc

Cassie: We are looking at some exciting new technologies that exist from around the world, and seeing how they might be best utilized to maximise performance…Stay Tuned!!