Endurance Athlete Injury Prevention Program



Learn how the Australian Swim Team monitor their athletes, and how thoracic spine tightness may be giving you a sore shoulder. Prevent ‘Swimmers Shoulder’ and discover whether your stroke mechanics are compromised by poor functional movement patterns.



Did you know that all stress fractures can be identified early as periosteal stress syndrome, easily seen with particular areas of tenderness? What tests at the hip will determine the likelihood of developing ‘Runners Knee’? How does your Big Toe mobility affect achilles tendinitis?



Can you stop your back soreness after a long ride? Learn about ‘External Illiac Arteriopathy’. Our testing protocol has been adapted from that used by the US road cycling team preparing for the London Olympics.

We don’t want to treat your injury!


We have done that before… a lot.

Our experience with endurance athletes has repeatedly demonstrated that most injuries could have been avoided if they were identified much earlier.

As an athlete, we can help you become aware of small signs that an injury is around the corner, allowing you to avoid it rather than lose precious training time.

Our screening protocol is designed specifically for you, the endurance athlete.

Utilizing the latest information in athlete screening, our testing aims to identify any possible injury precursors so that you don’t lose any training time to injury. Once identified, we can advise you on how to best manage the issue, whether it be through equipment modification or corrective exercise. We consult directly with your coaches to minimise disruption to your training goals.