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GrandStand Sports Injury Clinic is embarking on an exciting new venture to provide rapid access to assessment and management of sporting injuries.

GrandStand Access will enable patients to undergo initial assessment by our dedicated sports physiotherapists, same day advanced diagnostic imaging (3T MRI) and sports orthopaedic assessment. Our official launch date will be Tuesday 31st March! Not long now!

Injured in weekend competition?

There’s no need to wait weeks to see a specialist. GrandStand Access will be open from 5:30pm every Tuesday evening to fit in with busy working and training schedules. We know it’s imperative to seek immediate treatment for a sporting injury. There’s nothing worse than having to wait weeks for an MRI, all the while missing more training sessions and sitting on the bench on game day. Our mission is to get you back into competition faster.

Teaming up with Lingard Private Hospital and Jai Kumar, Sports Orthopaedic Surgeon, our patients will have immediate and unlimited access to world class facilities.

Already have a physiotherapist?

We’re not about poaching clients! After our assessment, we’ll provide a full report and refer you back to your physio for treatment and management. Everybody wins!

GrandStand Access is available to all privately insured patients.

To find out more about GrandStand Access, contact us today.

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